Discovering the Wonder of God: A Journey for Kids

Discovering the Wonder of God: A Journey for Kids

Hierdie bladsy is tans nie beskikbaar in Afrikaans nie.


11 short chats/stories: 3-5 minutes.

A very interesting narrator.

A fluffy fellow called Sam (in Afrikaans Sampie). Sam is child-certified and anti-allergenic.

Developer, manufacturer and supplier of hardware: Megavoice.

Sam is not any sheep. Sam belongs! He belongs to a very special flock of sheep. And he has the mark/ID tag to proof it.

Sam's tale is still being written from a theological curriculum sharing about the God of the Bible and the Christian faith:

  • Who is God and what makes Him unique?
  • What do followers of God believe?
  • God and Creation.
  • The Fall of mankind.
  • Man's condition after the Fall.
  • God's Commitment to mankind.
  • A Promise of Hope.
  • The Purpose of life and the Christlike lifestyle.
  • What is Sin and where does it come from?
  • What is Faith and how does it work?

GRN works with a professional text creator to write this script series before we plan to record it. We try to aim for children aged 5-8.

Aim: To inform, clarify, educate and equip.

Time frame for text development: 12-24 months.

Recording and editing: 6 months

Current phase: 2nd round of research and story creation thinktank.

Total program development cost: R60,000 ($4,830)

Thank you for supporting this project.

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