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SaberCopy in action - a versatile program for copying to USB devices.

The SaberCopy utility is designed for fast and simple copying of file structures to multiple removable drives such as USB memory sticks, SD memory cards, and other USB devices such as the Saber hand wind digital player and Megavoice Story Teller.

SaberCopy software assists with copying of files from a PC to the Saber player or any other removable drive or device. It has several distinctive features:

  • Files can be placed on the removable drive in a specific order. This is done by prefixing file and folder names with a sequence number, and stripping out the TITLE tag from MP3 files. (This can be turned off where playback sequence is not important or is handled by other means.)
  • Audio announcements and/or end signals can be added to the destination drives.
  • Copying can be done to multiple removable drives simultaneously. The state of each drive is clearly shown during the process.
  • In Fast Copy Mode, copying will commence automatically as soon as a device is plugged in. This speeds up the copying process when there are dozens or even hundreds of devices to copy to.
  • Collections of files and copying options are defined in a Saber Project file which can be saved for later reuse. A manifest of the contents on a Saber can be printed for users.

Download SaberCopy Utility (5.9MB) and the User Guide for SaberCopy.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows or compatible operating system.

Current version: (2 January 2019)