Guinea Bissau - Nine Days of Evangelism

Guinea Bissau - Nine Days of Evangelism

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Recently five people under the leadership of our representative in Gambia undertook a nine day evangelism outreach in Guinea Bissau. There was spiritual opposition but God prevailed! The team experienced the power of prayer and God's grace to overcome adversity.

Six Villages, Seven Languages

Guinea Bissau is 'prime territory' for GRN. In nine days the team visited six villages that included seven language groups. Villages including Uk, Naque de Baixo, Yin and Burun were visited. The languages spoken included Balantas, Mankayns, Bidjogos and Manjacos.

Unfortunately, due to their small size, there are no immediate plans for these villlages to have a Bible or even a New Testament translated into their own language.

Unreached People Groups

The people in these villages were unreached. There was no church in the villages or even in the closest provincial town of Cumura. The villagers continued to practice the ways of their ancestors. The burden on the team's heart was that a church be established in these villages.

Pictures Tell the Story of Jesus

The team showed the Jesus Film which proved to be a great draw card, with hundreds of people gathering to watch it each night. A total of about five thousand people saw the movie.

The Sting of Spiritual Oppression

One night, as the team was setting up the screen an enormous swarm of bees came and settled around the screen. The swam was so large that it made it difficult for people to see. The village people believed it to be a spiritual attack and ran away to their homes. The team prayed, and after some continued prayer most of the bees flew away. Eventually two leaders came out and looked at the projector intently. They declared that the projector had mischievous powers. If it could reach the people it would torture them. No people returned to see the movie that night.

Hundreds Repent and are Saved

During the day the team visited house to house in each village and distributed over three hundred and forty recordings in the seven languages. The team were able to answer questions raised by the Jesus Film and often the answers were heard through the messages on the recordings. Praise God that around three hundred people prayed to invite Jesus into their hearts as Saviour and Lord.

There was much spiritual breakthrough. For example, one man had experienced many setbacks in his life, and the local witch doctors had not helped him. But he testified that he felt at peace after accepting Christ into his life.

The team returned to Gambia rejoicing in God's faithfulness, protection and safety.

Please Pray with us for the Villagers

Please pray against the spiritual oppression. For example, the team met a lady who said she was a Christian. But when she had previously been sick, relatives had taken her to a witch doctor, after which she said she was healed. Now she says she believes in Jesus but cannot leave her African traditional spiritual practices.

Please also continue to pray for the recordings that were distributed. Thousands heard them and hundreds made decisions to follow Christ. Pray that God's Word will not return to Him empty.

"... there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents." Luke 15:10