No witness in 400 years!

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A report from an area in China that still awaits the good news

"Recently a team came to our town for a retreat. Before going home they wanted to spend some time in a local village. They were put in contact with us so we took them for the day and drove them up a windy, rough road to a village our team had yet to visit. We were greeted at the edge of the village by a local family and were able to visit several homes. One home in particular caught our eye; it was covered in bright white plaster instead of the typical mud bricks like the rest of the homes. Just outside it, a man was working. We asked if he had built the house himself. He said yes, and that for seven years he had been building it. Now it was nearly finished. Through an interpreter, a teammate asked him how long his family had been living in the village. He said he wasn't quite sure, but it was around 400 years. We asked if he had heard of Jesus and he said no. For 400 years his ancestors had lived in that tiny village secluded from the rest of the world and unaware that a Savior had died to secure their eternity."