From the Director

From the Director

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This is the last "From the Director" I will write for GRN Australia! I have written more than 100 such columns in 12 years as Australian Director, and each time I do I'm reminded of the wonderful 'army' of people who pray for GRN. Some pray daily, others weekly, and some a little more erratically, but all play an important part in the work. Without you the impact of GRN would be negligible.

As I move into the role of International Director for GRN I would ask three things. Please uphold in prayer the new Australian Director (whoever he or she might be) as you have upheld me. Secondly, please continue to pray for me! I'll need it every bit as much in the new role! Thirdly, please keep on praying for the staff and ministry of GRN Australia and GRN worldwide.

Our Lord, Jesus Christ warned us that the world would be hostile to the Gospel and towards His followers - and it is not getting any less hostile! In many places God's people are suffering under great pressure. While we pray for our suffering brothers and sisters we must also continue the task of bringing God's Good News to those who haven't heard. The task remains great.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. May God bless you as you continue the spiritual battle through prayer.

Graydon Colville