Future Views

Future Views

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November 2009

Dear Prayer Partner,

About a year ago, I sent a letter to everyone on our mailing list explaining a little about the plan for growth that I believed the Lord had given GRN Australia. I mentioned that in order to do what we believed God is calling us to do we needed to add about 10 full time staff - or nearly double our current staff levels. I also indicated that if this growth takes place it will mean that we will need larger premises. I invited you to pray with us regarding this plan for the future.

We have continued to pray and seek God's guidance and we have certainly not rushed into anything. Yet we still believe that God is leading us onward and that growth is part of his plan for us. This past year has been both exciting and challenging. We have experienced an increase of nearly 30% in staff levels. We have seen many new volunteers get involved and some exciting progress in the work. In spite of the global economic crisis, we have seen the Lord provide for our needs.

As a mission with a wonderful heritage of faith, I believe it is important that we consider a future that is beyond our own ability to bring about! This does not mean rashness or seeking to build our own empire. It means seeking to discern where God is leading us and being responsive to that leading.

This year we want to take a few more steps towards this goal, all the while looking for God's confirmation or correction. We have already opened a special growth fund which will eventually go towards the purchase of new or expanded premises. Some gifts have already come into this fund. We also plan to allocate a percentage of bequests that come to the mission towards that fund.

The 'target' for that fund is about 1.5 million dollars. This sum is clearly beyond our own ability to raise, but if the plan is from the Lord then it is not beyond him. He will provide in his time.

I am now asking you to continue to pray with us about this project. It is essential that we hear clearly the voice of the Lord in this matter and respond to his agenda. I also invite you to share with us your sense of where God is leading us if you would like to.

Please also pray that, whatever happens with these growth plans, God would use GRN Australia to bring words of life and hope to those still in spiritual darkness throughout the world.

Yours in Christ's service

Graydon Colville

National Director