We Are Very Grateful!

We Are Very Grateful!

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A minute with the USA Director - Colin Stott

One of my tasks as Director is to sign our donor receipt letters that go out each month. Whenever times permits, I like to add a personal note. As I sign each letter I am grateful to every donor for giving to the Lord and for designating their gifts in our direction. God uses each gift not only to further the gospel, but to encourage us and strengthen our faith, especially when the gifts have helped us through a difficult time.

I like to think of the collective efforts of our financial partners in terms of a bridge that links us to the unreached peoples. Bridges allow us to cross some great ravine or obstacle. So too our ministry partners supply the means that allows us to cross obstacles and to progress to our desired goal - that of delivering the gospel to least-reached people. I am not an engineer, but I know that bridges are made up of many parts. Some pieces are large like the big girders that span the divide. Others are small, such as the rivets or fasteners that hold the big pieces together. Every piece is needed for the whole thing to work!

Now large donors do help shoulder the major projects that allow the ministry to advance. But donors who can only give smaller amounts are also needed. Some may think to themselves, what can my small gift accomplish? A rivet too, if it could think, might feel the same way regarding its contribution to the bridge. But eliminate enough small rivets from the structure and the integrity of the bridge would soon be compromised.

Every gift whether large or small given joyfully to the Lord and in faith can accomplish much in the Master's hands. We believe that there will be a great host of people who have been introduced to Jesus through GRN who will be standing before the Throne one day because our financial partners were found faithful, generous and obedient in their giving to the Lord. Whether the gift is given for a recording project, for 'where most needed,' or to support a GRN staff missionary, it all contributes to giving the good news to people from every tribe and tongue and nation. With everyone doing their part to keep our "bridge" strong, providing the gospel to every last language group will surely not be "a bridge too far!"