Has technology made God obsolete?

Has technology made God obsolete?

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Have changes in technology rendered God obsolete?

It seems something of a contradiction that the God who "does not change" (Malachi 3:6) and in whom there is "no shadow due to change" (James 1:17), does "new things" (Isaiah 42:9)! But he does!

In his attributes, character and purposes, God is unchanging. After all, perfection cannot be improved upon! Yet God is never out of date and is not surprised or caught off guard by the changes in our world. Even the sometimes bewildering changes in technology do not confuse God in the least.

This past month has seen many changes in the GRN Sydney office as we have revamped our workshop and production facilities in order to manufacture the new SABER audio players. Our heavenly Father has led us all the way. He has given us skilled people. He has given us great help from people overseas. He has provided what we needed and brought us through each step of the process. Give thanks to him for he is good!

We are excited about the new player and its potential to communicate God's truth - especially to those who do not read. But we are even more excited by the fact that God is still in the business of changing lives through his word and bringing people into his family.

Please continue to pray with us that God would use the ministry of GRN to bring people to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and start them on their journey of becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.

Blessings, Graydon.