Praying for the Indian children of Mexico

Praying for the Indian children of Mexico

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Each year, GRN Mexico holds a month-long outreach in the migrant worker camps near Culiacan, Mexico. Over 100 dialects are spoken by the Indians. The poverty, illness and neglect of the thousands of children in these camps is a huge source of grief to the Mexico leaders, Dave and Gerry Gutierrez. This year they sent out thousands of prayer cards with pictures of Indian children urging Christians to pray. This is what happened.

My daughter was healed!

Last year in one of the camps we found a family with a very sick daughter, Juanita. She had suffered two abdominal surgeries and was not responding to treatment. As her family received the cassettes in her language, Mazateco, we prayed for Juanita. She could barely stand and was deathly pale.

This year in another camp, Gerry was giving out cassettes and had been rebuffed at several dwellings in a row. But at the next place, the man came out joyfully and exclaimed, "Do you remember that my daughter was so sick, and you prayed for her? Here she is, just look!" There was Juanita, a healthy teenager. The faces of her family were radiant with joy because they were now Jesus's followers.

Now I'm just like the other children!

Two years ago we ran into David, a young boy with a rare disease which caused his skin to grow abnormally. His mouth was drawn in a grimace, his eyelids had been eaten away with bacterial infection, and his skin hung in strips all over his body.

Gerry held him and about 30 people prayed over him for a long time. Later when they returned to the camp to treat him with scrubs, creams and antibiotics, God had already begun healing him! He had re-grown eyelids with eyelashes, his mouth closed, and he held out his hands and exclaimed, "Now I'm just like the other children!" After they heard of Jesus in their own language and because of the boy's healing his whole extended family became believers.

Did it really happen to Jesus?

One night Dave was taking down the screen where we show the videos, when a very small boy came close to observe. He asked Dave, "Did they really beat Jesus like it showed in the film?"

Dave was taken aback and leaned down to hear him repeat, "Did it really happen?" "Yes, they really beat Jesus, it really happened," Dave replied.

"And does He still live, and does He still heal people today?" the child continued. He wanted to make sure that Jesus still exists and heals and loves children today.