Outreach in Benin

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The first 2003 outreach of GR Togo was held from the January 3 to 6. The target people were the Ohoyidje (Ije) in Benin, close to the border with Nigeria. In general it was a success. This outreach was special because of the participation of three pastors from the USA -- Apostle Donald Lee, John Loewen and Alice. In fact, they came to Benin for a conference and, as they knew of our work through some reports, they decided to go to the field with us.

During the outreach we gave each one of them a chance to preach in each of the three villages. Our team organized the door-to-door evangelism, teaching using the "Look Listen and Live" series and the distribution of cassettes.

Ewê Village

Although we arrived very late due to the long distance from Togo, we were surprised by the warm welcome we received. As soon as Pastor Donald Lee started, many people, old and young, came out to hear the preaching of the Gospel. At the end the majority confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. The next day we went back early in the morning for door-to-door evangelism and distribution of cassettes in their homes.

At three o'clock we invited them for the first meeting. To our amazement, a greater crowd than the evening before gathered! We used the "Good News" flipchart and at the end of our work could count over 110 people giving their lives to the Lord. On the first Sunday, most of them came to church. The converts were so many that the chief promised to give a plot of land for a chapel. The pastor we worked with was overjoyed because his dream for that village has become a reality.

Ogalata Village

This village was particularly Muslim, so God used Pastor John Loewen to deliver a specially adapted message to their situation. By the grace of God, 28 people gave their lives to the Lord that night. We grasped the opportunity to share cassettes with them. Even those who proved resistant to the Gospel joyfully snatched the cassettes out of our hands, because it was in their mother tongue and they loved to have it.

Atan-Iya Village

This village was very idolatrous. The Spirit of God moved with power as the Gospel was being preached by Pastor Alice. Some people were instantly healed of their diseases. At the end 60 people gave their lives to the Lord.

We are really thankful to the Lord for this outreach. As over 200 cassettes were placed in those villages, we are expecting greater fruits, especially from the Muslims who received them.

Praise Subjects

* We are grateful to the Lord for His protection for this project.

* The Lord used one of our visitors to provide a new engine and a new generator.

* We ask God to bless all of you who prayed for the Ohoyidje distribution.

Prayer Items

* Pray for the new converts, especially the former Muslims that the Lord would quickly strengthen them again impending persecutions.

* New loud speakers are needed. We have had the old ones for over six years and despite repeated repairs they broke down the first night of this outreach.

* For the new year we need a stock of 1000 blank cassettes for local pastors and for other missionaries and evangelists we support.

* If funds are available, we plan to record Lama:Kadjala and distribute among the Ife-Ilodji during February. We need your support in prayer.

Thank you for your partnership with us to reach the lost for the Lord.

Sodalo C. Clement
The National Director