Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec语言

语言名: Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec
GRN语言编号: 8809
Language Type: Dialect
ISO语言名称: Ozumacín Chinantec [chz]

Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec的现有录音



New Testament - Chinantec, Ozumacin - (La Liga Biblica)
Scripture resources - Chinantec, Ozumacín - (Scripture Earth)
The New Testament - Chinantec de Ozumacin - (Faith Comes By Hearing)

Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec的其他名称

Chinantec de Ayotzintepec

说Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec的地方


Parent Languages

  • Juujmii (ISO Language)
    • Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec

与Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec有关的方言

现有1种相似的语言或方言同Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec拥有相同的ISO语言代码。.

Juujmii (ISO Language)

People Groups who speak Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec

Chinanteco, Ozumacin;

关于Chinantec, Ozumacin: Ayotzintepec信息

其他信息: Ozumacin Chinantec is so named for originally it was a single town where that variant of Chinantec was spoken. In the 1950s a small group of people established another town lower in the valley to the east, the town of Ayotzintepec. After that another group of people formed a town in the valley to the west - Santiago Progreso. So there are now three towns that speak the very same variant. There is a recording of the Gospel of John and I will try to find the website where that is posted and forward it to you. Here is the link to the Gospel of John recording. I should have said explicitly in my previous message that the Ozumancin Chinantec language is now spoken in 3 towns: Ozumacin, Ayotzintepec and Progreso. God Bless.

人口: 7,333


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