A Good Report

A Good Report

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A Minute with the USA Director - December 2006

By Colin Stott, Executive Director of GRN USA

In the October issue of Sounds I wrote a "minute" about building our dream team. This was about identifying the ideal mix of people and giftings we need to carry out our ministry. Of course a dream team needs "dream" workers! No matter the size and diversity of an organization, what matters most are the people, whether they are on the front-line or behind the scenes.

For a mission like ours, it is essential to have staff members who are totally yielded to the will of God, and ones in whom the beauty of Jesus Christ can be seen. Thus it is always heartening to hear good reports about our workers, which I often do. I was especially pleased to receive a letter recently from a man who, while attending an overseas mission conference, was hosted by staff at one of our field bases. Let me quote a few things he wrote:

"GRN should be proud of the manner in which these two ladies represented your organization."

"When we arrived at your facility we were met by two of your staff. What a welcome sight after a long tiring journey. GRN should be proud of the manner in which these two ladies represented your organization. They worked tirelessly and with only minimum sleep. Without complaints they opened up their home to strangers who on many occasions violated the expected level of cleanliness. I saw in them a love for non-believers and an earnest desire to help those who do not know the love of Jesus Christ. I saw a willingness to give sacrificially of themselves for the good of others. Their ability to adapt and cope under very trying circumstances was a blessing to all."

Wow! I would like to think that we could receive such glowing reports all the time.I know that we won't because we are not always as Christ-like, available and adaptable as we should be. But our desire is to grow more like Jesus. The life of the messengers should be consistent with the message we deliver. We want to have a spirit of brokenness so that the treasure we have on the inside, Christ in us, can flow out of us and refresh and bless all we come in contact with. And it doesn't have to be a dream. It can be a reality when we let Christ have His way in us.