Sowing Seeds of Christian Truth in the Arab World

Sowing Seeds of Christian Truth in the Arab World

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God has been stirring us to pray and to focus resources on the Middle East and North Africa. Although this is where Christianity first began, it is now an area in great need of being evangelized.

Despite cultural differences, the people of this region are generally friendly and warmhearted with needs and fears similar to our own. The challenge to the Church is to demonstrate the love of God and break down barriers that have built up over the centuries due to imperialistic forms of "Christianity."

Gospel Recordings desires to work in partnership with ministries who are already there and spreading a passion for God. We desire to provide recordings that sow seeds of Christian truth among the minority language speakers and non-readers to create a spiritual hunger for a vital relationship with the Living Lord.

A GR staff couple is seeking to establish a base in the Mediterranean region from which a ministry base can operate. We long to see many recording and distribution teams sent out to complement other forms of Christian witness. The mutual goal is to see many Muslims come to Christ and be effectively discipled.

The GR couple writes of a recent experience: "A memorable moment happened when we were recording with a new believer from a small dialect group. She was nervous but excited to record the Gospel for her people. When we described the crucifixion of Christ, she broke down in tears and it took quite a bit of Kleenex and back-patting to calm her. Still she went on with difficulty. However, the resurrection story restored her composure and she was able to go on to the end.

A couple of weeks later we returned with the cassettes. She had two friends with her at the time and she started crying again! She was so happy to share the Gospel with her friends. Now her people, although isolated, will have a way to hear the greatest story ever told, in the dialect of their hearts."