A Day in the Life of a Recordist

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This is a letter from Jon, a recordist who recently went to a central Asian country to do some recording. From this letter, you may learn a number of things that might come up when a field recordist is working. In this case, he flew into a major city where an appointment had already been set to use someone's studio.

It was amazing to watch as we flew over Afghanistan. Quite arid, but moving from broad arid expanse to high arid mountains with snow on them and green lakes and small villages down below in valleys and gorges. The villages were surrounded by green. Hardly any roads.

After breakfast I went out on the street and waited for one of 3 vans, #100, #291 or #293. According to what I'd been told, one of these would come. I waited more than 20 minutes and none of these came, but a lot of others went by, so finally I took one that I knew would take me at least half way. I got off and got another one that was headed in the right direction, but not for long. When I realized it was taking me west rather than south, I got off. I was all out of local currency so I changed some ---** to ---. Then I got a taxi to my destination. The vans were 5 --- each. The taxi was 60 ---. About 155 --- to one US$. About 55 --- to one US$.

I was glad to be at the radio/studio and had gotten some good exercise getting there. My old faithful black briefcase was heavy with books, computer and printer plus other things.

A lady speaker was there and we got started together discussing how to best read the text. She's a professional reader but E. thought she was a little nervous. So I encouraged her to think of those who would listen while she read.

E. suggested she think of her nephew and asked me to get out my family photo for the reader to see. We left it on the table as a reminder to think of those she was reading to. She read chapter 1 and into 2 before a male professional reader came.

I was having a problem with an electronic hum. I tried various things and finally found the hum disappeared when I disconnected the stereo mini plug between the Bose speaker and Y plug coming out of the headphone jack on the Sony DAT. So each time I recorded I disconnected this. And when I played it back for them to hear, I connected it. The air from the air conditioner made some hush sound too, so we'll have it turned off tomorrow when recording.

With the man and woman both there, we decided they should read the places where more than one person talked to Jesus and when it was probably a mixed audience. I don't have the paper with me but there are several such instances in Mark. Tomorrow we hope to continue recording narration and maybe male voice parts, such as the voices of the Pharisees, etc. and Peter. We recorded the servant girl today who recognized who Peter was.

At 3PM the D. brother we met last night who loves his people came by and took me to visit his musician friend. We were blessed to hear how the Shepherd revealed Himself to him. After we get the voices all recorded and edited, we plan for Malik, my producer, to work with the musician on creating music for various places in the text.

The D. brother took me back to the radio/studio where I rolled chapter 1 and part of 2 onto the laptop and edited chap 1. It took me 3 different vans to get home and a good bit of walking. I bought Korean shredded carrott salad - 5 ---, Korean chopped cooked potatoes and a lepioshka (flat bread). I ate this at --- House. E. took my disc home that had on it the email I wrote you this morning. She was planning to send it this evening.

The D. brother who loves his people wants to record other good stuff like songs and test. with expanations and programs like what we've done before. I plan to show him the "Look, Listen & Live" and the "Good News" (teaching narrations) too.

** Because there is some danger to the individuals involved, specific names of people, places and other items which could reveal them have been disguised.