I went to visit a Kazak family

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From a missionary in Kazakhstan

'Eric' had asked me over a year ago to visit his parent and I had agreed. He is the youngest of several children and his parents want to send him to Kazakstan for his university studies, something Eric does not want to do. Finally the visit was arranged. Eric's family is Kazak which means they live some way out. This family lives about 10kms from the town. Eric arrived and picked us up in a jeep. A local friend came with me. I never visit a Kazak family alone - it is simply not wise for many reasons, one being safety.

I had risen early in the morning and spent a precious time with my Lord. I was to take a Good News Kazak cassette and some Christian writing in Kazak. As we arrived and entered we found the Father on his prayer mat. He rose and greeted us. Mother was busy cooking and there was already and great spread of Kazak fancies on a low table where we were asked to sit. We were soon all sipping milk tea.

We talked about many things. The Father told me that by the way I speak I must be a Christian. I had Jesus spirit. I agreed that I had Jesus spirit. He told me he belonged to Islam and that he didn't know Jesus spirit. The Lord opened my mouth and I was in my master's spirit. This I truly knew as the Kazaks listening understood every word of my Mongolian. My local friend translated nothing as she often does from my bad Mongolian to better Torgood. She doesn't speak English. The Kazaks understand the local dialect very well.

First I told of how God healed me my disfunctioning liver 2 years before I came to Mongolia. The Father asked how could he know my God. I reached for the cassette tape and gave it too him. He immediately asked for the player and started to listen. He was glued, leaning right into the player for every word. And when a family member interrupted him, he told them to be quiet! It was a wonder to watch and great encouragement to my friend. There was no writing on the cassette cover or case - he wanted it - where could he get it from?

We ate sweet Kazak cooked beef and sweets between washed down with milk tea. A friendship family had started. It was time to go and Eric's mother gave us chocolates, flowers (artificial) and a beautiful piece of Kazak embroidery. I gave the cassette and writings to the Father. He held out both hands, lowered his head and gave thanks....and I was struck to the core.

And oh, ...in the future....there just happens to be those family photos I need to give and so I pray for another word in season and a growing of friendship.