Recordings in action

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A missionary in India writes: Back in a jungle station an Indian nurse told me that sometimes patients come as far as 40 miles on foot to be treated. She has a boy who plays recordings to them while they are waiting to be cured. More than once after the patient has returned home he has repeated his 40 mile walk, not that he needs further medicine, but just to hear the recordings once again! The nurse told us that people have been convened through hearing the recordings only.

From Venezuela: National workers use the recordings to great advantage. Some nationals want to preach the Gospel but can hardly read and write. They can take the recordings, with a simple player, and be of great blessing in many places where missionaries find it hard to get time to go.

Another friend wrote: Within one square mile we have 13 different dialects spoken! You can see how much we appreciate the recordings. Although we have trouble learning many dialects, we take the recordings, play them and see wonderful results.