More tales of the sea

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The European Christian Mission regulary orders GRN cassettes and CDs to give to seafarers who come through Melbourne port. Here is their most recent feedback.

"This could be one of the last times I order cassettes as seafarers to whom I distribute these recordings have rapidly turned to CD players, but as you can from the above order there are still some who can use cassettes.

"The Philippines language cassettes are for a seaman whom I will meet again in a couple of months. His home is in Basilan, where is much trouble with the Muslim population. He is a nominal R.C. and his father is a Muslim who has had seven wives (certainly not the perfect number here!), and so the seaman is one of seventeen children from these wives and naturally he has many half brothers and sisters. He understands the Tausug and Yakan languages, and also is speaking Chavacano, though you don't appear to have recorded that language, and he is keen to hear the cassettes and then pass them on to his brothers and sisters who are scattered in the predominantly Muslim islands to the south.

"I have been praying about some GRN cassettes I have been holding for some time and for right persons to give them to while it is still possible to distribute them to seafarers. I came across a Chinese officer who regularly visits Melbourne and he is connected with a small struggling church in central China which he says desperately needs teaching. I am so pleased that I can pass on to him a set of the eight Mandarin LLL cassettes which Sybil Shaw gave nearly a year ago now. The cassettes should be ideal for the Church's need.

"One PNG seaman from the Milne Bay Province told me recently about a cassette I gave him a couple of years ago now. It is the DAGA GROUP language, and I think a small cassette different to what is listed in your 2002 catalogue. He said the people of his village were astounded to hear the cassette as it was recorded by someone who had died some time ago. The cassette has been passed from person to person with many villagers almost memorising the cassette, according to what the seaman states. Amongst those to whom the cassette was given was an old lady, who had become "strange" and insisted on living with the village pigs in squalid conditions. She has listened to the cassette many times and has now become "clothed and in her right mind", and is now living with all the other villages again and is a very different person. Whether she has come to salvation in Christ I do not know, and only eternity will tell what blessing this cassette has been!

"I am thankful for the twenty GRN recordings I have on CD now and I have been copying them and passing them to seafarers. Thankfully I have been given the loan of a computer with the NERO software installed which rapidly copies CDs. The last CD to be copied was the Russian Words of Life CD and this was given to an electrician from Murmansk, which is really the last stop before the polar bears in northern Russia. How interesting that God brings a seaman from that part of the world all the way to Melbourne to receive the gospel!"