His Name is B C

His Name is B C

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This is his story

B C is from the northern part of Bangladesh. He was born in a high caste Hindu Brahman family and from his boyhood, he loved his religion. Later he became a Hindu priest, but he had to admit that he derived neither peace nor satisfaction from his religion. He was searching for the true God, and hoping to find peace in his heart.

One day B C got a little booklet called 'Good News' from his brother-in-law who had become a Christian evangelist. B C wanted to know more about the life of Christ. He went to his brother-in-law who shared the story of Jesus with him by showing him the GRN 'Look, Listen & Live' picture charts. B C was very pleased to hear this 'Good News'. He was especially touched to hear of the miraculous works of Jesus and His love and sympathy for people. It made him start to wonder why he worshipped idols which were so powerless to save anyone. He learned that apart from Jesus Christ, there is no salvation.

B C could not understand why his spirit was so disturbed. A couple of months later he went with his brother-in-law to a Full Gospel Church. There he learned more about Jesus Christ. He decided to reject his idol worship and accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour. That was in 2004. He went back home anxious to tell his family about the new life he had received. However, he was totally rejected. He was persecuted by his own wife and family. They put him out of his house, so he was forced to return to the Full Gospel Church to find shelter.

B C is only 28 years old. He is still not allowed to visit his beloved wife and family members. But he has requested everyone to pray that one day he may see them all come to Christ. Shall we pray with him?