Become a GRN Advocate

Become a GRN Advocate

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Ad-vo-cate: One who speaks, writes or acts in favor of another. A champion of a cause.

GRN Ad-vo-cate: One who speaks, writes or acts in favor of GRN to champion its cause.

GRN's ministry can be assisted greatly by friends who work on our behalf to champion our cause. Take Bob and Betty Rynearson who are using their retirement years as travelling advocates for GRN. For nearly ten years, while touring the country in their RV, they would stop in each town, look for the churches and visit with whoever was there. They would leave information about missions with the pastor or secretary. While in Missouri once they met a friend of GRN. Upon learning that Bob and Betty were planning to move to Temecula, this lady encouraged them to visit the GRN office. So they did.

They were so impressed that they offered to take some brochures to distribute along with the other materials they give out. Many church leaders have been introduced to GRN through their efforts. Betty says, "Not everyone can do what we did, but I would say, just be active in your own area and God will bless."

If you would like to become a GRN advocate, here are a few ideas:

  • Form a small prayer group to cover our monthly requests.
  • Keep your church missions table stocked with our SOUNDS newsletters.
  • Introduce your missions committee to GRN. Give them an info packet.
  • Organize a church project to sponsor the recording of a language.
  • Ask your pastor if you can show a short promo DVD during a service.
  • Write an article about GRN for your church newsletter or local newspaper.

Call or email us for details if you would like to become an advocate for GRN.