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Recording!! The Ngonde file name displayed on the recorder screen.

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Checking scripts again for accuracy - last checks before recording
Re-recording and listening back
Listening on computer and doing small fixes with language helper
Dallion demonstrates how the medium Proclaimer works. This is in the Karonga District of Malawi. We chose to let Faith Comes by Hearing load our Kyangonde audio on 30 of their medium Proclaimers because of their high volume ability.
More Ngonde people receiving the first GRN audiovisual story sets in their own language. We also asked FCBH to co-load the Nyakusa audio Bible with our story sets on these playback devices. These materials get distributed through a strategic network of church leaders. The use of these materials will be monitored.

News! Read the latest update: Report on Kyangonde distribution in Karonga sent by Fishers, Trainers and Senders - Malawi July 2017.

The people group or ministry location

The Nyakusa Ngonde live in the Northern tip of the country Malawi, south of the Lambya, west of Lake Malawi.

Population: 526,000

Literacy rate: L1: 0%.

Project Description

The Nyakusa Ngonde people group live in Malawi and Tanzania.

This project proposes to produce audio recordings known as the LLL (Look, Listen & Live) series for the Nyakusa Ngonde people group living in Malawi.

According to the Joshua Project (, 92% of the Nyakusa Ngonde are professing Christians. However, there are very significant problems of syncretism (the blending of two or more religious belief systems into a new system) of their ethnic religion with Christianity.

Witchcraft can be pertinent in the world view of the Nyakyusa. It is believed that certain people fly on pythons, harming people and cattle at night. These witches inherited their power and pythons from a parent, and greed is the typical motive for using these powers to harm men and cattle.

Some people in a village can sometimes see and fight witches in their dreams and are called 'defenders', the most important being besides the village headmen. The visions and power of the defenders came from the same source as the witches and pythons.

Most Nyakyusa have a lively fear of witchcraft, lasting a lifetime.

Traditional beliefs about reward and punishment need to be addressed. Many Nyakyusa fear punishment on this earth. For example, they can believe that a woman's barrenness is the result of her failings. Often Nyakyusa have no understanding of the afterlife and the reality of heaven and hell.

The Gospel needs to be communicated very carefully. Some Nyakyusa can think that Christianity is about doing good, and have no understanding of a relationship with Christ.

There are two primary resources currently available to the Nyakyusa.

  • The Jesus Film has been produced in the in Malawi Ngonde. It is a good useful resource, but doesn't address all of the current needs of the people.
  • The Bible is available in Tanzanian Ngonde, in both written and audio forms. Tanzanian Ngonde can be understood by the Malawian Ngonde, but it is not easy for them.

Expected benefits of production of the LLL series in audio form for the Malawi Ngonde include:

  • Directly addressing many of the issues of syncretism.
  • Preparing them for Bible engagement.
    • The Malawi Ngonde people need the stories of the Bible presented in a simplified form, a format that can help the people to move towards effective Bible engagement. We've seen over the years the difference that the GRN LLL audiovisual teaching materials have made in this regard. It prepares people to digest the content of an audio Bible much better.
    • Non-readers have no frame of reference of the Bible and its content. The LLL series helps them to form that frame of reference while looking at the pictures and listening to the Bible stories. The Ngonde lacks this and we desperately want to close that gap. The LLL is the most wonderful tool to do this.
    • The audio Bible is in Tanzanian Ngonde. We expect people to understand it much better after working through the LLL1-8 in Malawian Ngonde first.

The recording

The Good News and Look, Listen & Live teaching series was recorded in November 2015.

The editing and programming

Editing and programming was finished and the recordings submitted in March 2016.

What, if any, other missions you are working with in this project?

GRN has already received 15 sets of Picture Flipchart Books as a sponsorship from a partnering ministry called Good News Media to distribute for free with the first 30 loaded players containing the picture soundtracks.

We ordered 15 more sets on our ministry account and sent these per airmail to Lilongwe.

We took hands with Faith Comes by Hearing too on this project. They will load our newly recorded Bible stories on their audio players to send in with the picture chart books.

We asked them to load our newly recorded programs on their players and co-load the audio Bible in Nyakusa with our recorded programs. They also sent the players to Blantyre and had to be picked up there and transported to Karonga in the north with the rest of the sponsored materials. It is a two day trip per utility vehicle.

We made our audio resources available for free downloading, listening and sharing on our website and mobile phone apps at

What percentage would be retained for administration along the way?


All funds will be used directly for the recording project.

View breakdown of all costs associated with this project (PDF-223Kb)

Follow-up and Updates

We hope to do a follow-up trip July 2017 to get feedback on the use of the materials and deploy more of these evangelism packs. The aim is to visit existing 30 study/listening groups and plant 30 more evangelism story sets combo with audio Bibles. We estimate the cost at R45,500.00. This figure includes the cost of 30 sets of material for 30 new villages.

Update: Read the report on Kyangonde distribution in Karonga sent by Fishers, Trainers and Senders - Malawi July 2017.

Earlier updates: Read the report on Kyangonde distribution in Karonga sent by Fishers, Trainers and Senders - Malawi July 2016.

If the Lord leads you to contribute towards this project, in order for us to undertake a follow-up trip in 2017 to monitor the use of our placed materials, to service/replace players, to answer questions and to place a second batch of 30 evangelism sets in new villages, you may make a donation here, or click the 'Donate' button, designating your gift 'KyaNgonde Project'.

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