Dianne Boyce

Dianne Boyce

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Interview with Dianne Boyce

GRN: When did you join GRN?

Dianne: The Lord called me to move to Temecula and become part of the ministry. My pastor and adult children confirmed that call. I began working in the GRN office in August 2004. But I had been a GRN prayer partner for many years prior to that.

GRN: What made you take that step to join GRN, Dianne?

Dianne: Joy Ridderhof, founder of Gospel Recordings, visited my church and shared about the work. Joy's love and passion for reaching the lost, coupled with her unflagging spirit of rejoicing captured my heart. A desire for missions work was born in me that day.

GRN: What are your current responsibilities?

Dianne: I assist the Mobilization Department and also work with donor relations, keeping in touch with those who support GRN.

GRN: Why is this important?

Dianne: GRN is all about people telling other people the story of Jesus. Our prayer and financial partners are a vital part of that process.

GRN: What stands out from your time with GRN?

Dianne: One highlight was a GRN mission trip to Baja, Mexico, ministering to migrant workers. It was amazing to watch people as they listened to the good news in their own languages.

GRN: Tell us something of your background.

Dianne: I was in Sunday school from an early age and always believed in prayer. God heard those prayers even though I didn't yet know Him. Rebellious teen years brought pregnancy, marriage, divorce and remarriage. At 20 years old, and still desperately unhappy and searching, my father-in-law prayed and fasted for my salvation. One day the Holy Spirit spoke clearly to my heart, "You need Christ in your life." My in-laws invited me and my husband, Marlyn, to their church. My heart was so ready! I was gloriously born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. Joy flooded my life. Missions opportunities began to open up! For several years, Marlyn and I had the joy and privilege of hosting students from other countries as part of an Oral Roberts University program. I continued after Marlyn's home-going in 2001.

GRN: What do you do for recreation?

Dianne: I try to keep in touch with my three sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. That's a challenge because they are spread from coast to coast. I enjoy camping with them and having my younger grandchildren come for "Granny Camp" in the summer. I also enjoy writing, traveling, photography and scrapbooking.

GRN: What is your passion?

Dianne: My passion is to see the fulfillment of God's promise, "Ask of me, and I will surely give the nations as thine inheritance and the very ends of the earth as thy possession" (Psalm 2:8). It's my greatest joy to be even a small part of getting the gospel out to those who are still waiting to hear.

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