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Region:Âu châu
Capital:Pristina Metroplex_1
Area (sq km):10,908
FIPS Country Code:KV
ISO Country Code:XK
GRN Office:

Kosovo Facts

Kosovo became part of Serbia before the First World War, which was incorporated into Yugoslavia just after the war. The Yugoslav Republic began to break up in the 1990's.

During that time over 10,000 people were murdered with over 1 million forced to flee the region. It has become increasingly calm and peaceful over the past two-and-a-half years. Independence was declared on July 2nd, 1990.

The Capital is Pristina.

Estimated population in 1993 was 2,100,000. The population consists of Albanians (90%), Serbs and Montenegrins (8%), and others (2% -Turks, Romani, etc).

The main languages of Kosovo are Albanian and English. Religions are Islam, Catholic and Orthodox Christian.

Map of Kosovo

Map of Kosovo

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Albanian: Kosova [Kosovo]
Goran: Kosova [Kosovo]

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Albanian, Gheg; Bosniak; Croat; Deaf; Gorani; Montenegrin; Romanian; Romani, Vlax; Serb; Turk;

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