Solomon Islands Cult: The Moro Movement

Solomon Islands Cult: The Moro Movement

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As related to Kim Knight by Pastor Raphael, son of Patrick Bubuli.

Felix Moro and Patrick Bubuli were friends. Together they founded the Moro Movement (or 'Gainalu' - Octopus) in Guadalcanal in the 1950's.

Moro had 'visions' and 'visitations' from 1945-52, being told to 'honour God, and live in obedience'. These men and some followers, were imprisoned by the Colonial Government who were trying to combat the rise of cargo cults. On release, Moro pronounced prophecies and 'miracles' followed, including the supposed resurrection of Moro himself from death in 1956. So his following grew.

Moro promoted community development, schools, and some other benefits for his people. In the 50's and 60's, other people came from three major language groups to live with Moro in Komu Vaolu village, contributing personal wealth to the movement. This was stored in a special 'forbidden house' (the 'Haos Tambu') which no one is allowed to enter. Idols and ancient items are especially valued, along with money. Traditional clothing and housing are still a feature of the Moro followers. Felix Moro was a member of the local Catholic church which no longer functions in the village. However, the church seemingly had no objections to his activities.

Felix Moro died in October 2006, with no real successor. He was reportedly buried with some of his accumulated wealth. Patrick (who left the movement in 1986) died suddenly five days later as predicted by Moro. The movement is being headed by a President and Secretary, and while the hold on its followers has weakened, many still feel a strong allegiance to it and remain in spiritual darkness.

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