Journey to the Krahn Forest

Journey to the Krahn Forest

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Early January 2004, we scheduled to travel to the southeastern of Liberia for our first outreach and distribution. We selected the KRAHN people in grand Gedeh with the hope that UN would have taken the entire area before January 2004. Unfortunately was the opposite. But we went ahead planning while trusting God for possibility.

As God would have it, the Krahn Church in Monrovia wrote us requesting our help to join them reach the Gospel in Jarwondee in grand Gedeh among the Krahn people to carry the Gospel of peace among the people and Rebels. We agreed through we had some fear and wanted guarantee that Rebels would not do anything bad to us. The people told us to pray about it. We spent 4 days fasting and praying for god to open doors.

At the end of the prayer the battle Commander of Liberia United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) an Islamic rebel group, told us that he would hared with us to meet the Commander of the movement for Democracy of Liberia (MODEL) to reconcile their differences. We agreed to go with them since it was a great opportunity for us to visit a strong Rebel area for the sake of the Gospel of peace.

We left on the 24th of January 5-car convoy. As we traveled we reached to the second largest city of Buchanan at 11:pm, which is the stronghold of MODEL rebels, several Commanders came to meet us and to see the man called Iron Jacket. Iron Jacket is the Battle Front Commander of LURD that took over most of the city during the war on the city. He does not wear bullet proof jacket but can stop bullets and rocket prepared grenades (RPG) . He has a very strong charm and those that fought against him were afraid off him. Noting can stop him from advancing. After meeting these commanders we left Buchanan at 1: 00 am for Zwedru, throughout the night we traveled in the forest.

We arrived in Zwedru at 9:50 am. The commander of MODEL Rebels met us. We spent over 8 hours fixing our cars. We left at 6:15 pm and arrived at Polah (a home town of Iron Jacket called Ofori) at 9:25 pm we left the rebel convoy in Polah and went to Jarwondee where the church leaders and youth were waiting for the training and teaching we arrived at 10:40 pm and were met the churches and town people. We had a special welcome service.

Film Showings

Jarwondee is a District Headquarters with a less population of 417 people because of the distance from the main road. The people here speak more Krahn than English. During the films, we first showed the Jesus film in English with a Narrator in Krahn Language. It was the first time for 90% of the people to see the Jesus film. We had 362 people watching the film. 113 gave their lives to Christ that night.

Second night we had 564 people. Some came from the nearby villages. 85 strong adults worshipers confessed their sin and gave their lives to Christ. The third night we showed an African film called "Living In Darkness". This film was so powerful in the life of the people that a man stood up and said please tell Jesus to close the door of death so that we that have there demonic things can have the chance to stop and do some work for God before dying. Many people confess having forest demons. Eight persons with the ages of 13-32 were born with laws from forest gods that No Razor should touch their hair. They asked us to pray for them for deliverance. It is a covenants their parents signed with the demons for them to have children. These children are under the control of these gods. Please pray that God will deliver them.

Two nights we had joint services sharing testimonies and prayers. Besides the nights of prayer, we also had a joint service where we closed the entire programs. Gifts were given to us for us to return for another outreach program. We promised to go back there April 16th for 14 days.


Because of the problem from our commercial duplication center, we got only 613 cassettes on the Tchien Krahn and all were distributed. Some of these cassettes were given to the checkpoints since they had tape-players.

John S. B. Deguah, Director

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