From the Director GRN USA - December 2011

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Dear Friends,

If you have ever had the opportunity to visit our California offices, you will have noticed the wall hangings throughout the hallways that tell the story of the ministry of Global Recordings Network. One of those posters reminds us that "prayer is the work." From the early beginnings of the mission, founded as Gospel Recordings, our founder Joy Ridderhof emphasized the power, priority and preciousness of covering the ministry with prayer. Lives are not changed without it and we seek to see Jesus Christ change lives. R.A. Torrey said,

Pray for great things, expect great things, work for great things, but above all pray.

In these last few months of the year, GRN has faced a particularly acute financial struggle, so much so that as we approached the deadline for printing and mailing this month's TIP, we didn't think we could afford to move ahead, for lack of resources. God provided, though, through a supporter of the mission who generously shared the funds necessary to go to press.

Please pray for the large financial challenge we are facing. Your prayers and financial gifts ensure that the gospel is going out to those who are without a church, missionary or written Bible, and help enable the many recording and distribution projects to continue unhindered. Thank you for your partnership with us.

Peace of Christ,

Dale Rickards

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