The Ecuador Connection

Trang này hiện chưa có bằng tiếng Anh.
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We often have a list of language projects waiting to be funded. Such was the case with a language project for Ecuador. We had been praying and were waiting for God's supply. As we waited God was working.

Around the same time a church in Minnesota was led of the Lord to send us a financial gift to sponsor the recording of an unevangelized language. Was it a coincidence they requested the gift be used in Ecuador? We had not shared that need with them.

If God orchestrated events to make this project possible, He will surely continue His good work by preparing the hearts of this Ecaudorian people to hear about His Son and respond to Him. Maybe we will get to hear the details. Or maybe we will have to wait until eternity to see what God did. Either way, He will get the glory. To sponsor an unevangelized language email Ross Lange at or call Dale Rickards at our Temecula office

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