Project India: We're in it for the Long Haul!

Lok Gurung, team leader of GRN in northeast India
Lok Gurung, team leader of GRN in northeast India

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The traditional attire of the Tangsa: Hakum tribe from northeast India.
The traditional attire of the Monpa: Tawang tribe.

With 1600 languages and dialects spoken throughout India, we have a long way to go to make His message available in every language. But we are in this for the long haul. Every language in which we prepare Bible stories brings us ever closer to that day when the good news is available for all. Until then, in union with our Lord and in partnership with you, we will keep pressing on.

Progress is being made, for which we praise God. The two photos featured here are from recent recording projects:

Right: Clad in traditional attire the young man belongs to the Tangsa: Hakum tribe from northeast India. Here he is recording the gospel at the GRN studio in Siliguri.

The Tangsa tribe speaks 25 different dialects. They live in the state of Aruanchal Pradesh with some living along the border with Myanmar.

Although many of the Tangsa claim to be Christian already, most have never had a true born-again experience. The Tangsa are an oral preference learner people group who are still without the Bible.

Our language helper believes GRN materials will be very effective among the predominantly oral society.

Below: A speaker from the Monpa: Tawang tribe in his traditional attire is recording the Look, Listen & Live series at the Siliguri studio. He is one of the handful of Christians in an entirely Buddhist community who is facing trials and persecution from his people just for being a Christian.

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