Recording in West Papua

Recording in West Papua

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The Good News and Look, Listen & Live programs are audiovisual presentations designed for use in evangelism and basic Bible Teaching. The Good News is available in over 1300 languages and the LLL series in more than 400.

This story starts for us in May 2007 when Peter, mission partner and fairly new worker in the area, wrote and asked for help to produce recordings for the K people. At that time he told us there were no people who could read or write among the K and they had trouble understanding Indonesian. Something in the local language was needed. It has taken two years, but in October 2009, Peter sent the following story.

We have finally made recordings of the Good News and the Look, Listen and Live (see below) series together with Titik (GRN recordist) in the K language.

As the K people are oral communicators and did not read or write, we could not give them the scripts to translate. So before we could start recording I went through all the stories in all the booklets with my language helper. We discussed the Biblical key terms to make sure we would communicate the truth accurately. Then we made some pre-recordings of the stories. The K language helpers took these recordings home and listened to them over and over again to become familiar with the stories.

Then, when I thought we were ready, I invited Titik to come and join a few of the K speakers. Together we listened to the pre-recordings, then practised and retold the stories several times while Titik recorded them. This went very well. It was a lot of hard work, Recording and Distribution the heart of GRN No matter how small the people group, no matter how remote, while there are people who need to hear the Good News of Jesus, GRN will try to make it happen. but we managed to get it all finished in just two weeks.

Even before the final recordings were made, many people had gathered to listen to the pre-recordings while my language helpers were listening to them and learning them at home! There was a lot of talk and discussion about the Bible stories.

One of the language helpers sang an introduction and a short confession of faith in the traditional K style. He came from the village of Y so when he returned home I gave him a Saber audio player with the Good News and three of the Look, Listen and Live series programs on it. I gave him the picture books that matched the recordings also.

Immediately after finishing the recordings my family and I had to leave the village because of medical issues but I have heard excellent reports about the K recordings from a friend who visited Y village recently. He told me that my language helper had not only let the people in his own village listen to his recordings but had also gone to three other villages with the recordings. Now a lot of K people are ordering cassettes, booklets and Messenger II hand wind cassette players. We are preparing a shipment of cassettes, booklets and players to send to Y before we go on furlough. We praise God because He is using the GRN recordings to reach the K people with His message of salvation.

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