Making the Main Thing the Main Thing

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing

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The absolute main thing in the universe is the glory of God and the worship of Jesus Christ. Nothing else comes close. This is the ultimate reason for everything God has created. From the mountains to the seas to all the peoples of the earth, God intends that everything that has breath should praise the Lord. This has huge implications for us personally, for the Church and for GRN.

From a personal perspective God's glory and the worship of Jesus must be the main thing in my life. I must not let the concerns and busyness of my daily schedules crowd out the Son of God in me. I must always keep Him in the absolute center. From the perspective of the Church, its God-given mission to make disciples of all nations must be the agenda of every church, no exceptions. Our Lord longs to be loved and adored by people from every tribe and language and nation. We the Church should be very grieved that so many peoples are giving their affection and allegiance to false gods. God's glory among the nations should drive us into action.

From the perspective of our work at GRN, making the main thing the main thing is essential. There are many things we could do that are good, but they could be huge distractions from what God has called us to do. We must stay focused on telling the story of Jesus especially to those who do not have the Scriptures in a form they can access. People cannot worship someone in whom they have not believed or heard. And how shall they hear without a preacher? For many unreached peoples, GRN has the privilege of being that preacher. The worship of Jesus Christ from the lips of all peoples, for us, must be the main thing.

We know from scripture that the outcome of our efforts will result in Jesus Christ one day being worshipped by people from every tribe and language and nation. With that outcome assured we can fulfill our mission with great optimism knowing that what we do contributes significantly to the main thing in the universe. There are battles still to be fought, trials to go through and ground to be gained. Our teams still need to go to more of the highest elevations where people live. They still need to cross deserts in search of nomadic tribes. They still must go into the deepest jungles. The process of researching and recording languages may get tedious and tiring at times. But whatever it takes, the thing is to keep our eyes on Jesus so that we make His main thing our main thing.

Colin Stott, US Director

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