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Bryan Thompson runs the story4all website, which is part of a growing network of believers throughout the world who are committed to bringing the Story of God to all peoples in oral form. He shares here of his earliest experience with materials from Global Recordings Network.

In 1978, on my first overland cross-Sahara trip deep into Algeria and Niger we had an old wind up GR tape player that we managed to rig to the Land Rover battery to play music and stuff on as we travelled. We ended up giving the player away to some Tuaregs with some home (local missionary) made Tamasheq tapes of the New Testament. We also sold (VERY cheaply - so they'd be appreciated) quite a few of those cardboard record players with Hausa and Arabic records on that trip.

About a month after I got home from that trip I bought my own GR player that I kept safely in a brown canvas cover for years waiting to go to a certain island in the Middle East where I expected to use it to share Jesus. As that calling has been frequently delayed and as technology has moved on some, I decided I would leave the player with the cross-cultural training course I helped establish in Kansas City.

About story4all

We believe deeply that the Message Jesus delivered was not only brought by Him "wearing our skin" (becoming like us and embodying the Message), but it came in a style best understood by His audience, and in a language of the heart.

Jesus saw fit to deliver truths to the literate and non-literate alike through the medium of stories. He demonstrated through this that to be effective and to promote recall in the minds of those who hear, most of our communication should be housed in stories.

story4all believes something needs to be done about this imbalance.

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