Sabers for Chad: God's hand in Customs

Praise God for the Sabers bringing recorded Good News
Praise God for the Sabers bringing recorded Good News

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A few weeks ago we reported on Sabers with Solar Panels, and Flipcharts being taken to Chad. Kenny McKee - our GRN UK Director received an email with an update on the progress.

Hello dear friends, Over Christmas our friend Amos from the UK took a suitcase full of our Sabers and flip charts to Chad in Africa to distribute to pastors, evangelists and churches.

His wife sent me this e-mail from him just now. You can read it in French or English.

Hope you enjoy...Kenny.

"Hi, Kenny,

Amos asked me to pass this on to you....

Une belle histoire pour Kenny. A good story for Kenny:

A l'arrivée, mes baguage (et pour les autres aussi bien sur) sont passes par le scanner et la douane a voulu que j'ouvre le carton parce qu'ils ont vu les appareils. Il s'en suivi une discussion entre les 3 douaniers (tous musulmans), un voulait coûte que coûte j'ouvre le carton mais les 2 autres ont dit de me laisser partir. Alors les 2 autres m'ont demande ce qu'il y a dans le carton. Et j'ai dit que c'est le NT en audio pour les gens de mon village qui ne savent pas lire. Et ils ont dit celui qui voulait ouvrir le carton: Si tu veux te mêler des affaires de Dieu, c'est ton problème mais ne nous implique pas.

Après 2 ou 3mn il a dit khalas amshi et ensemble ils m'ont souhaite la bienvenu et ont demande un porteur de m'aider jusqu'au parking ou Yagmy et Abba mih m'attendaient. Alors la lettre de donation de GRN est toujours dans mon sac a main. Dit a Kenny je vais la lui remettre a mon retour .

When I arrived my luggage (and everyone else's) was put through the scanner and the Customs officers wanted me to open the carton as they had seen the machines. Then there was a discussion among the 3 (Muslim) customs officers, one really wanted me to open the carton, but 2 others said they should let me go. So the 2 asked me what was in the carton - I said it was an audio recording of the NT for the people in my village who don't know how to read. They then said to the one who wanted me to open the carton, "If you want to meddle with the things of God, that's your problem, but don't involve us."

After 2 or 3 minutes, they just said "never mind", then said "welcome" and asked a porter to help me out to the parking where Yagmy and Abba Mih [ cousins ] were waiting for me. So the letter saying it was a gift of GRN is still in my bag - I'll give it back to him when I get back!

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