New Kyerung Recordings

New Kyerung Recordings

Ang pahinang ito sa kasalukuyang ay wala pang salin sa Ingles.
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Dan Rulison from GRN USA reports:

Recently, I was accompanied on a trip to Nepal by southern California pastors Matt Hsieh and Justin Tanaka, to take audio/visual recordings of the gospel message to the Kyerung people group, which has no known believers. Audio recordings were made for them earlier this year by the GRN team in Nepal.

The recordings were presented on a Sunday in Syabru Besi, but out of fear, the Kyerung language helpers did not show up at the dedication. They realized that people will recognize their voices on the recordings and that could make life difficult.

The local believers at the dedication were challenged to reach out to the Kyerung and the new recordings were displayed and samples played. Each believer was given a CD containing Kyerung, Tamang and Nepali recordings to use in evangelism. We also left a Saber with flipchart.

Although God did not allow us to see any Kyerung people come to Christ on this trip, seeds were planted and believers were encouraged. It will no doubt be local believers who lead the Kyerung to Christ and disciple them in the Lord.

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