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HELP Bangladesh

Ang pahinang ito sa kasalukuyang ay wala pang salin sa Ingles.
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  • English teaching & conversation
  • Primary teaching
  • Medical (doctor, nurse, physio etc.)
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • High school/Uni tuition
  • Agriculture
  • Mission exposure
  • Children's Bible teaching
  • Aid and development
  • Recording/distribution


Based at the HELP Children's Home, Sava (30k north of Dhaka) which includes

  • 300 bed orphanage
  • Primary school
  • Medical Centre
  • Vocational Training Centre
  • Women's micro-credit programme
  • Hostels for college/university age students (Dhaka)


Short-term programmes are available from 2 weeks to 3 months. Sometime visas can be extended to 6 months.

Best time of the year is November to February, but other times are possible too.


Individuals and groups (up to 10) with a heart to learn and serve.


Pre-departure and on location orientation is provided in

  • Language
  • Culture
  • Local conditions
  • Religion
  • Communications
  • Money matters
  • Expectations
  • Accountability


Airfares: whatever it is!

Food & utilities: AUS$10/day (cheap!)

Travel and personal exp: up to you!

Ministry kit: AUS$50

Accommodation is provided at no cost.

Contact GRN Australia for more information.

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HELP Bangladesh: H.E.L.P. International (the 'Health, Education, Leadership, Program') is a Non Government Organization and a registered charity in Australia which has developed alongside the work of LRI/GRN Bangladesh.

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