Every Language PDF Download

Every Language PDF Download

Ang pahinang ito sa kasalukuyang ay wala pang salin sa Ingles.
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Every Language is the bi-monthly newsletter of GRN Australia. Along with it's sister publication Rejoice! it will keep you up to date with what's happening in GRN.

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Recent Versions

The PDF edition of this newsletter is available to download from this page. Individual articles that have appeared in Every Language are available from the Australian News page.

October 2019: 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages; MegaVoice Partnership; Family Camp 2020.
August 2019: Computers Spreading Good News; News of Recording in Madagascar and in Georgia; Tumi Tiger for sale.
June 2019: Shining Light into Togo, Kenya, Ukraine and Thailand; The End of an Era (Saber MP3 Player); Recording Project in Madagascar.
April 2019: Encouraging Reports from Asia; Oral Bible Recordings; News from our UK Office; Give Thanks...
February 2019: Tibetan Miracle; Thank you God; Future Church Leaders; GRN General Fund; GRN Australia's New General Prayer Guide.

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