Amy (and Paul) Anderson

Amy (and Paul) Anderson

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Amy grew up in the Moore College community in Sydney where her father, Andrew Cameron, lectured in Ethics and Philosophy. Growing up in a Christian community allowed Amy to have a relationship with God from a young age. Over a number of years during high school Amy came to know what it meant to follow Jesus. She was confirmed at St. Barnabas, Broadway in 2010.

Amy met Paul through the Moore College faculty and they were married in 2015. They belong to St. James Anglican Church, Croydon where they serve together on the music ministry team.

Amy joined Global Recordings Network (GRN) in 2015 as a volunteer and became a part-time staff member in 2016. She works for GRN CEO Christine Platt as her personal assistant. Amy is passionate about enabling Christine and GRN to tell the good news of Jesus in every language.

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