Hope for Mexico's Indians

Hope for Mexico's Indians

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This month, an army of God's people is coming together once again in Culiacan, Mexico, to evangelize migrant Indians. Last year, about 120 Mexicans, Americans and local pastors went out every night in teams and visited over 90 work camps during the month long outreach.

Over 6000 evangelism cassettes were given out in more than 70 languages. Videos, dramas and testimonies were shared and thousands of Indians made a commitment to Christ. Dozens of churches are now springing up among those who were saved in past years. There are many new believers from among the Amuzgo, Tlapaneco, Triqui, Nahuatl, Mixteco and Zapoteco Indians.

This is very encouraging because many Indians are under great spiritual bondage. E.peen, a recordist with GR Mexico recently wrote about the "Day of the Dead" festival. "Here in Oaxaca City, preparations have been going on for weeks. All over town the buzz is about the special day. Candles are lit, fresh flowers placed just so and tasty dishes are set out -- ready at last for the anticipated guest."

It may sound romantic, but don't be fooled. The guest is a deadbeat. Literally! Every year in the fall, the "Day of the Dead" is dedicated to appeasing loved ones who have died. Families construct altars complete with candles, flowers, incense and favorite foods of the dead.

Parties are held to take advantage of food sacrificed to the dead that, of course, the dead didn't eat! Yet what appears to be harmless tradition plays with the same power of satan that fuels uglier occult activities.

For centuries, Oaxaca, with its diversity of Indian groups and ancient traditions, has been rooted in the occult, bound by demonic rituals and oppressed by fear. But the Lord is victor over the enemy. Please pray for Culiacan and for many to be set free to worship Jesus!

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