Kosova Trip Report - June 2013

Sorting out the gifts they brought
Sorting out the gifts they brought

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At the local supermarket

Hi there, Here's a short report of our trip to Kosova on 4th June. Our team of 8 from Scotland took an early flight from Luton airport via Skopje in Macedonia. We were met there by our friends who drove us to the church in Gjakove, Kosova about 5 hours away.

We arrived in the late afternoon and enjoyed meeting all our many friends there. We worked alongside the local church as always and the whole week there was absolutely amazing. Our plan was to visit as many families as possible bringing aid, food, gifts of clothing, shoes, spending time with them, praying and encouraging them. We also had loads of our recordings on CD and DVDs, flip charts and picture books to distribute.

Firstly we sorted out all the clothes and aid we had brought in our suitcases, which had been given by our many church friends in the UK.

We headed for the supermarket to get flour, cooking oil and basic necessities which are so expensive for the poor families. We did this every day and off we went. Most families have no income and they work at gathering metal and plastic to try and get some money.

We also did many meetings with widows groups, youth groups and children's clubs. We enjoyed meeting hundreds of people young and old and it was our joy to preach, give testimony, sing songs, games, give aid and hear their stories.

Many are still traumatised from the war back in 1999. Most lost everything and even the most basic things we in the UK take for granted. Many houses are without water or electricity, hopelessness and depression is common. Life is a great struggle for many.

We had the joy of giving out all this stuff and it was such a blessing to help in this small way. (This little boy has a set of new clothes. His older brother aged about 8 sells lighters in the street).

The Good news is God is working through the churches and mission organisations. The Christians there are hungry for God's word in these desperate circumstances.

Our team gladly got involved in every aspect of our mission there and were very generous in everyway. Our UK and Kosovan teams worked really well together and there much fun, food and fellowship as we served together. Some practical jokes were played during our time there, for example when my bunk bed mattress went missing, but "an elephant never forgets" and early the next day my 3 room mates were wakened by cold water thrown by someone. (We never name names, Gavin, Dave and Scott as it's not really fair eh!).

We visited several Roma colonies and we always get a wonderful reception there. Many of the folk we met remember us from last time and we love to bless them. Life for them is difficult with many alcohol related problems and no income. We visited a village nearby where each week the church do back to back meetings for the young kids, youth and widows. We played games and new songs played on our I-pod with them and they loved the action songs best. Afterwards we went outside to play 'football without any rules'.

We were so delighted and surprised when many of the youth turned up for Friday night youth party and on the Sunday for the Sunday service. Both these events were packed and we shared our stories, played games, songs and shared testimonies. After that the party began with all kinds of Kosovan dancing and also lots of "street dancing" with the music blasting out, but it was amazing to watch.

On The Saturday we went to northern Albania to visit a church there in a town called Barrum Curri. They were all ready waiting in church for us to arrive. It was so great to see our friends in church in this quite neglected northern part of Albania. We loved singing the new songs with them and many shared testimonies and told stories. God is working here too and we prayed for them. Later we bought more 25 kilo bags of flour and essential basics and distributed them to the Roma families and some others.

Again we were reminded that we often take everything we have so much for granted. Our team again were very generous in giving to these needy people.

As a result we have a project where we would like to help send some of the widows on a weeks holiday to the sea side in Albania. Most have never been out of their villages. If you want to know more let me know.

Thank you to everyone who supports our work there. We appreciate you. These pictures tell a story but to go there is so fulfilling and such a blessing to preach the Good News of what Jesus has done for us on The Cross and to show Gods love to those who have nothing. Thank you to team Scotland and team Kosova.

Our vision at Language Recordings UK is "Telling the Story of Jesus in Every Language". This is only one country where we work and operate. There are still so many waiting to hear. Our teams around the world reach out in these ways to help those who have never even heard the name of Jesus. If you want to know more on how you can help, please contact me or look at our web site at... www.languagerecordingsuk.co.uk

Bye for now and God Bless. Kenny.

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