"Good News" Audio-Visual Recording for Thai Children

Ajam Suppaporn
Ajam Suppaporn

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Muang and NA discuss scripts

A Good News recording with animated pictures for Thai children is currently underway. We are very thankful for our Board Chairman, former Chiang Mai International School principal, Mrs. Suppaporn Yanasan, who has helped to make this possible.

"Ajarn Suppaporn has a lot of passion for evangelism," said Na Tisdale, a new GRNT staff member. "Our goal is to reach Thai children between the ages of four and 14 because I believe, as in the Bible, that children have great faith and when given an opportunity to hear the Good News, they will believe."

According to Na, statistics show that 85 percent of believers in Christ come to faith during this age range, which makes up a third of the population in Thailand.

"My hope and prayer for Thai children is that when they grow up the Good News will not be foreign to them. We want to help prepare the ground for the future planting and watering of seeds in Thailand," added Na.

Na has produced other materials for Thai children, which are available through Child Evangelism Fellowship. For more information, contact Na Tisdale

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