Paperwork and Evangelism

Paperwork and Evangelism

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We received an encouraging note recently from a Nepali pastor. Not long ago we had supplied our GRN center in Nepal with several thousand TapeTalk cassette players for their outreach work to the unreached peoples of that land. Several of these players had been given to this pastor. He writes: "Our church thanks GRN for providing tape players and gospel materials. We shared the gospel to about 1200 people with the help of your TapeTalk. Three hundred of these people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and 67 are coming to our church regularly. This tool is a very effective way to share the gospel, especially for people who cannot read and write. We look forward to using them more in our areas." Pastor R.

There was an interesting behind-the-scenes saga that went along with this story. I remember that Allan Starling, our language tracking director, in wearing one of his many hats, had spent a significant amount of time trying to coordinate with our center in Nepal and the factory in China to get these players drop shipped to Kathmandu. I won't go into all the details, but suffice it to say that it took a lot of emails going back and forth before a satisfactory shipping arrangement could be made. When caught up in the paperwork of such a project, it would have been easy to lose sight of the end result, that of people being introduced to Jesus Christ, and wonder what all that paperwork had to do with evangelism.

In reality it had everything to do with evangelism. Without the work that goes on behind the scenes much evangelism on the frontlines would not take place. It is wonderful when we in the home office do get to see the results of our labors, but it is not essential. If we are doing the work that God has given us to do, we know that whatever we do in faith and for His glory will bear fruit and that one day our work will be rewarded.

Much vital Christian work is done behind the scenes. Praying in our closet, Giving in secret. Serving without plaudits or praise. Acts of kindness done without fanfare. Even handling our daily paperwork! But God sees it all. I love how a writer describes this in one of the devotionals in "Streams in the Desert" - "God needs those who are willing to work...out of sight of men, but sustained by the Holy Ghost and in full view of Heaven."

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