Trekabout 2015 Report

Many gathered to hear the message
Many gathered to hear the message

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The Anandaban leprosy hospital
Resting under shelter
Welcome to Barpak Village...on a very cloudy day
Heading downhill and away from Barpak Village
One of the team on a very steep climb

by Graydon Colville, International Director

This was my 6th and (probably) last Trekabout (though the program will continue) and like all the others, it was great!

From an outreach ministry point of view we were able to share the good News of Jesus with well over a thousand people - adults and children, most of whom had never really heard the message.

Though we are only aware of one person who 'on the spot' insisted on becoming a follower of Jesus, there were many who were visibly drawn to him and the message. We are thankful to Nepali colleagues who will follow them up. We left CDs and tracts where we could.

In addition to the outreach there was a lot of other ministry that took place. We expats were blessed to share in times of worship with our Nepali colleagues and to work with such servant hearted, godly people. They ministered to us! Thankfully we were able to encourage them also.

The visits to the Nepal 'Safe House' where women from the sex trade are being cared for, retrained and introduced to Jesus was a highlight as was the visit to the Anandaban Leprosy hospital - though quite confronting also!

We experienced and learned about spiritual warfare. It was a great joy to see one woman released from her bondage to evil spirits and to be a part of breaking down demonic strongholds.

I think the whole team will long remember the long, weary climb in the rain to the village of Barpak.

We were able to meet with and hopefully encourage the believers in Barpak who had experience much opposition in the preceding years.

Sadly, Barpak was almost completely destroyed in the recent earthquake with considerable loss of life - a graphic reminder of the importance of giving people the chance to know Jesus and find life in him.

The fellowship on the team - both expat and Nepali was a great blessing. God was at work in all our lives in different ways and it was great to share it.

A special highlight for me was how God raised up new leadership for Trekabout from among this years team. It is with some sadness but great confidence that I am now handing the leadership of this ministry to Janette and Ranjit Thambyrajah. I know they will do a great job.

Following the earthquakes this year, the GRN team in Nepal are more than ever focussed on making God's word available to every group in their own language. They are keen to have more Trekabout teams come and be involved.

We do not know how long the door will stay open in Nepal for this ministry but we need to take the opportunity while it is there.

Next Trekabout

Trekabout is running again next January:

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