We give thanks for Alex and Sybil Shaw

Alex and Sybil
Alex and Sybil

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Alex and Sybil Shaw have served God with GRN for 90 years between them.

We celebrated with them and gave thanks to God for them and the service they've been able to give at our AGM in September. Dick McLellan (former GRN Director) recounted some of his memories and spoke of the good measure of service both Alex and Sybil have given to God and to GRN.

Sybil symbolically hung up her recordist microphone stand after recording well over a thousand messages in hundreds of different languages.

Alex has held many and varied positions within GRN over the years: recordist, started GRN's work in several countries, training and international roles. Alex and Sybil continue to serve with GRN in promotions.

They are a great source of history, information, contacts, grace, and wisdom - please rejoice with us at God's goodness to them and to GRN.