Sabers for Chad: Report on the Project

Sabers distributed to pastors and leaders
Sabers distributed to pastors and leaders

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Porridge with bread rolls - each tray is food for for 8 people!
Being cared for in an orphanage
A modified wheelchair helps this pastor get around.

by Kenny McKee GRN UK

Our friend Amos visited Chad after last Christmas (2016) and took some of our Saber players and flip charts with him on his 5 week training trip. These were to be given to the Gabre-Kimri speakers.

In an earlier news item, we heard how the Sabers passed through customs despite potential problems. Sabers for Chad: God's hand in Customs

Amos returned in early February and came to our office today. He had lots of great stories to tell about his time there.

There were over 200 pastors, deacons and leaders every day at the Bible training course and he and another leader did all the teaching. He's an amazing guy and a real joy to know. He gave me about 250 photos...each one has a story.

Everyone wanted these materials of flip charts and Sabers with the audio NT on them that we recorded for them, but they were given only to the selected pastors and leaders. The folk here only held them for the photos and didn't want to hand them back.

A few little stories from these photos...there is currently a shortage of food in Chad. The food being served at lunchtime was like a porridge with bread rolls.

I asked Amos does taste like porridge? He said yes this is what they eat for every meal. He told me each of these trays of food (pictured right) is not for only one person but for 8 people.

There has been no rain this year and food shortage is a huge problem, like many other African countries. Amos said some people in the rural areas haven't had enough food since before Christmas due to no late rains in September and October. These people had no rice or grain to make food with and were trying to find food in the bush areas living on berries and whatever they could find.

The other little story is about this beautiful little baby seen here in an orphanage in the main city. Her mum died a week after she was born. Her dad is a student at the Bible school where the training was held . They had only cow's milk to feed her and she was sick with diarrhoea and just wasting away. Amos took her to the orphanage and this photo is her a few weeks later when she got the proper food from a Swiss health organisation.

The lady nursing her works in the orphanage and you can see the love she has for this wee beautiful baby. (Amos said this lady had lost two babies herself).

Every little one is so precious.

Finally there is a photo of a lovely family. All his life this guy went around on his knees as he was born disabled without being able to walk until he got this modified wheelchair. He is now a pastor and has a lovely wife and beautiful baby. Amos said this guy just overflows with joy all the time. Praise The Lord.

I have to say this project has blessed me so much as we have been recording with Amos for about 6 years off and on. To get these materials out to the Gabri-Kimré speakers is just brilliant.