Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders

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by Patrick K.

Muslim helps us get the gospel into four villages!

On a recent trip into Morocco we took some GRN tapes and other materials. We wanted to go to some of the remote villages, so we hired a local Berber Muslim man as a guide. While we were walking to the first village my friend was listening to a praise tape on his walkman. The guide asked what he was listening to and he replied, "A praise tape."

"What's that?" the guide asked.

"Have a listen," my friend said. So he did. After a while I said, "Let's let him listen to a GRN tape." This was in his dialect. So we put that tape in the walkman and continued on our way. Soon he said, "This is good. This is very good!"

When we got to the first village there were four men who knew our guide. They asked, "What are you doing?" He replied, "Hey, listen to this tape. It's very good!" He gave the earphones to each one to let them listen. The tape starts with Abraham and leads up to where it explains the gospel. They all seemed to be enjoying it, so I said to the guide, "Can I give them each a tape?" He agreed, so I did.

Pretty soon the mullah walked up and asked what was going on. I thought, "Uh, oh, we're in trouble now." The guide told him, "We're listening to a tape in our language; here listen." So the mullah listened and said, "That's OK."

So we went on to the next village. Another friend of the guide there asked what he was listening to, and the guide said, "Here, listen it's in our language." I asked if I could give this fellow a cassette and the guide said, "Sure. It's good." The guide had listened to both sides of the tape twice by that time.

Now he is asking for something else. I had two copies of the Jesus film in their local dialect, so I said he could have one of them. He said, "Could I have two? I'm going to my in-laws in a village about four hours up the mountain and I'll show them the movie then leave one with them."

So, though this man was not even a Christian yet, he helped us get the gospel into four villages!

A bus crash and broken player didn't deter this man!

To date we have taken over 3500 TapeTalk cassette players into Nepal, Bhutan and other areas. A pastor told us that he got 16 players for his region and that over 1500 people had come to Christ through the recordings being played on them. Barny, the GRN Nepal national director, told the story of a villager who had traveled by bus to Kathmandu to go to the GRN office for a player.

On his return trip to his village his bus crashed and the player was broken. Not to be deterred, he got a bus back to Kathmandu and asked for a replacement player. After hearing the story of the bus crash the GRN team gave him another player. Upon his return, he played the GRN cassette in his village. As a result the whole village turned to Christ!

Patrick K. is the director of an organization that takes Christian materials into many nations. (Full name withheld for security reasons.)