What an Impact!

What an Impact!

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This powerful testimony comes from Jacques Nignan the national director of one our West African centers. It tells of the impact the word of God has when people hear it in their language.

On a recent distribution trip to one of the rural villages, our GRN team set up a loud speaker in the village square as is our custom and began playing the GRN cassettes accompanied by pictures. Soon a large crowd gathered. We noticed a young fellow at the back edge of the group who listened intently through several presentations. Later he came to us and asked, "Is it really true that my sins can be forgiven?" (Just the question every missionary loves to hear!) We explained that, yes, through Jesus' sacrifice his sins could be forgiven.

He then asked, "If my sins are truly forgiven, then can I know for sure that I will go to be with God in the next life?" We told him, yes. Well, it turns out that this young man was the son of the local imam (Muslim leader) and that he had just returned from several years of Islamic studies preparing to become the next village imam. He then left, explaining that he would return.

He went home and asked his father, "Can I know for sure that my sins will be forgiven and I will go to be with God in the next life?" His father waited a full two minutes before responding, "No, you cannot know that for sure." The son then returned to our team and said, "Tell me more." After more discussions this young man who had given several years of his life to study the Quran, gave his heart to Christ that day. He asked for a copy of the cassette he had first heard which he took back to his father.

His father listened to it and said, "Where did you get this?" The son then brought him to us and we talked to him at length. This Muslim leader was led to Christ that very day. Indeed, what an impact the word of God really does have when people hear it in their own heart language!