Workers together with God

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"My husband, Steve and I have served with SIM in Kenya for three years where we worked with children and youth in the slums of Nairobi. Now that we have returned we are pleased to have the opportunity to express our appreciation of the work of Language Recordings.

I had used Language Recordings pictures in school scripture classes here in Australia for many years, so I was delighted to find this same material at the street boys' centre where we were doing our language training in Nairobi. I also appreciated the Sunday school-style curriculum that had been developed in Nairobi to go with the pictures. We used this for our first Bible clubs. Our language helper translated them into Swahili as we taught in English.

Later I began telling the Bible stories in Swahili. Then I found the Language Recordings Swahili tapes to be a great help although the speaker did seem much too fast for my beginners' Swahili!! We continued using Language Recordings pictures throughout our time in Kenya and as we taught Bible stories to hundreds of children every day in the slums of Nairobi.

Towards the end of my time in Kenya I had the privilege of visiting friends who work with the Daasanach people on the east coast of Lake Turkana, near the Ethiopian boarder. The Wycliffe translators who live there have just had the first scripture portion in Daasanach published but they have also made some audio cassettes to be used with Language Recordings pictures. The picture below shows some herd boys who had arrived at my friends' door asking to hear Bible stories.

Language Recordings material is a wonderful tool for spreading the Gospel and it has been my privilege to use it and see it being used to great effect in Kenya."

Steve and Jan Turner are now serving in the SIM Sydney office. Continue to pray for the messages which have been recorded in the DAASANACH language by Jelle Kommerie. Sue Barnes has been asked to make further recordings for this group. Pray for the missionaries who work among the Daasanach in Kenya and Ethiopia; that God will raise up a church to His glory among them.