Recording in Togo

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We thank God for giving us such opportunity to continue the work in Togo & Benin so far. By His grace we have been able to record Words of Life in 4 languages in Togo during this month of April 2006.

From 10th to 13th we went to a village called Koussountou and we have recorded the ANII: Gilempla (BALANKA) and ANII: Gikolodjia languages.

During this trip our vehicle started developing some problems within the engine but we did all our effort to bring it back to Lomé for repair. After testing it, it is the engine that is out of use and needs to be changed because the technicians can not repair it again.

For the second trip we made from 24th to 27th we tried to use the public transport and this time we faced many problems .We made all arrangements with SIL agent on the field who did not tell us that the car always goes to the villages once a week. We were really surprised at our arrival to BASSAR the main town and we were told that the car left only yesterday and we have to wait for one week before the car comes back. We could not wait and we could not go back too without the work being done.

We finally decided to hire 2 Motorbikes taxi drivers for the journey of 135Km with the risks of attacks on the bush roads. We left BASSAR the 25th with all our equipments and for 65Km. We spent 6 hours to reach the first village called NAMON because the road is very bad. We made contact and by God's grace we found 4 people that help us for the recording and we have been to record the N'TCHAM: Linagmnal Language on the 26th.

On the 27th we packed for the second village called BAPURE with the motorbikes for another 75 Km. We arrived safe but in a deep night.

The first person we met took us to the Chief for better explanation of our Mission, but after all the Chief refused to allow his people to help us doing such a recording because it is against their beliefs (Islam). We were on our way going back when we were informed that there is one man and his wife who became Christians while they were in the Capital, and since they were back they could not attend Church for persecution reasons. We did our best to meet them and they helped us during the whole night to make the recording of the N'TCHAM:Bapure (Balkpre). The following day we spent the whole day with the motorbikes to come back through BANGELI to TCHAMBA before we found a car. The motorbikes cost us four times the fund we would have used if we went with our car and it was too risky for our lives and our equipment.


We praise God for His provision & His protection that make these recording possible.

Thank you all who continually remember us in your prayers.

Pray that God provide so that we can repair the car or buy another one in order to continue the field works safely.

Pray so that God continue speaking to His people to continue sponsoring our Recordings and Distribution Projects.

Rev. Clement SODALO
National Director