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Jottings from the prayer journal of a Brazilian recordist telling of her recent trips.

By Gracy Mota

Gracy Mota traveling on one of the many modes of transportation to get to some of the very remote tribes of the Amazon jungle

I am back in Porto Velho after a profoundly marvelous journey to visit three tribes. In all we totaled seven hours by plane, 42 hours between bus and truck, and three hours by speedboat. In some moments of this trip I could sense how privileged I am to be part of the movement and the Lord's outpourings over the tribes of Brazil. I felt this when I was recording with Teodomiro, a brother who has given himself to the Lord since 1976 and has carried in his chest the courage to go from village to village telling of Jesus. He recorded his testimony and various Biblical messages to take along and distribute on his mission trips.

Our entry into the village was very complicated. We waited three days for a ride on a truck. We sat through three hours of dust in the bed of the truck. The roads were so bad and because we arrived after dark at the river where we would still have to take a speedboat, we had to hitch up our hammocks (for the night). It was there, lying in my hammock under my transparent mosquito net that I looked up and saw the sky with the clarity that can be seen only in the jungle. I felt very privileged to be able to go in this world to where few want to or are able to go, and to be able to make the message of Jesus accessible to people who live so distant from the big cities but feel in their hearts the emptiness and pain of being separated from Father.

This is where we recorded the marvelous testimony of Brasil Tupari. He gave his life to the Lord and feels in his heart the responsibility to pass on the good news to the rest of his people. The tribe is divided into 10 villages, and only now, after 45 years of contact, some of them have taken an interest in knowing Jesus. Brasil's conversion was a very special blessing because he is the chief of all the villages. The recording of his testimony will surely cause a great impact in the villages. This will be the first time the people of the other villages have heard talk of Jesus in their own language. Even now we need to be praying that this seed find fertile soil, that the newborn church grow strong and be grounded in the Lord so that soon the believers can be missionaries to their own people.

Another reason for feeling privileged is in knowing that you are together with me in this battle we have decided to enter for the love of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers which have sustained me and thank you very much for your faithfulness in supporting me financially. It is a privilege to be able to count on you for the advance of the Kingdom among the tribes of Brazil.