GRN Thailand

GRN Thailand

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Operation World indicates that there are 1500 missionaries in Thailand from more than 33 countries. It has been the focus of much Christian activity and prayer over many years but the Christian population remains quite low at about 1.62%. Clearly there is still much to be done there and in the surrounding countries. Thai temple

The Thai centre consists of several foreign and Thai staff working together.

The Thai staff have helped our work be truly indigenous. It's great to have nationals pulling with us. It's fantastic when they serve the same Master with the enthusiasm and wisdom that these do. Three additional Thai became staff of Global Recordings Network Thailand (GRNT) in 2009, Phet, Boy and Joy. Phet left GRNT in 2012 to follow the pastorate. Joy left GRNT in 2012 to attend Bible School in Bangkok. Phim left in 2008 and continues as a Board Member of Sounds of Language Foundation (SOLF). SOLF is the legal foundation under which GRNT works.

In 2007, the McKechnies left the ministry to work with a local Thai church. Dan and Na Tisdale joined the team in 2010.

With the waves of Tsunami 26 Dec 2004 hitting the shores of south Thailand, came a move of God's spirit awakening the hearts of many people to the fears of their hearts and the love of God thru His people to meet those fears with His Gospel of peace. GRNT has been used to make audio recordings of the testimonies of Christian Urak Lawoi' Sea Gypsies, the GRN Good News AV and several CDs of Thailand Bible Society's (TBS) messages to the heart in the language of Urak Lawoi'. Over 300 of these people are coming together regularly to hear God's Word being taught and over 60 have obeyed the Lord in believer's baptism.

As a foundation we have the right to purchase land and build. God provided for the purchase of 1.3 acres of land in 2005. By 2011 we were able to build an office and move in. At this writing, 20 Sep 2012 we are building a sound editing room.

In addition to the above, GRNT recordings have been made in many other languages of Thailand.

What of the future? Our sites are set on several priority one languages in Thailand, Yellow Leaf, Mpi, Nyaw, Aheu, Ten-edn, Kensiw, Ugong and Yoy. Research shows no way for these to hear the Gospel in their own language. Our goal is to ignite local churches to reach these neighbors for Christ using GRNT recordings as part of their method, maybe somewhat like what has been done in Mexico with Culican, in PNG with Wok About, in Nepal with the Thami or in Africa with GRN outreaches.