Opening doors with open source

Opening doors with open source

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I just love open source software. Most missions, like GRN, operate of shoestring budgets and need to keep costs to an absolute minimum. (So do most businesses, but at least they can sell stuff at a profit to pay for this stuff. But I digress...)

It's not just the low cost of open source that's so good. It's the high quality. Take a look at the Open Office suite - it's everything most people need for word processing, spreadsheet, graphics and presentations. Or the Firefox browser or Thunderbird email programs from Mozilla - now that stuff is even better than the most popular commercial equivalents. We use all these programs in GRN.

This website is a great example too. Linux servers running Apache, PHP, and the PostgreSQL database. All open source, all free, all terrific. We at GRN couldn't do what we do without it.

Rob McDonell, Webmaster