What am I doing here?

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by Christine Brittingham

For the past month it has been my privilege to be part of the team working at the Head Office of Global Recordings Network Australia. It has been so lovely to spend each day working with people whose heart's desire is to serve the Lord and to see how they go about their tasks in such selfless ways.

In the prayer room there is a map of the world covering one wall, serving as a reminder of Jesus' words to "Go into all the world...". At GRN they are certainly trying to do their part.

I came to hear of this mission from Jim and Millie Samways, workers here for over 25 years. They have now joined our Fellowship in the south coast, and it has been encouraging to hear their testimony of God's love and provision for them during that time. They also encouraged me to read Joy Ridderhof's biography. After, this I found I would be in the vicinity of GRN at Castle Hill, so arranged to spend one day "just having a look".

Time passed, and I have battled with my feelings of inadequacy to do mission work. However, having read the chapter on "Any old bush will do" by Major Ian Thomas, I have realised that it's not a case of what can I do for God - His work will continue without me - but rather, allowing God to work in and through me. He doesn't need special people, and yet we are all special to Him. So simple and yet so complex!

So back I came to GRN, still "just having a look". But just to make sure I am getting the message, the "any old bush" theme came into our devotions here last week!